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Jonathan Luke is a multimedia artist based at Delta House Studios 2, Wimbledon, (London, United Kingdom) who uses oil painting and photography in his work.


Luke’s establishment as an artist was preceded by a 20 year flourishing career as an Accountant and dedicated collecting of 19th Century British and 20th Century Russian art. A living interest in landscapes further influenced his artistic style. Since Luke decided to return to art full time and completed the Summer Foundation Course at the Slade School of Fine Art, his works have been widely exhibited across the UK and Moscow and acquired by private collectors in the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States.

In autumn 2013 a major solo exhibition was held at the Russian Academy of Arts (in conjunction with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art) entitled Blue Silence. The title came from a definition by Professor Colum Kenny who said “..it is the silence that is found out of doors, sometimes during simple services on shipboard, faraway at sea…For this deep blue is the creative silence in the world of thought”. This spirit continues in much of his work.